How to choose the right handles & knobs for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

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Many customers struggle when it comes to choosing the right handles. This blog provides a few key points to share with your customer.


You're at that very last stage now where you need to finalise your handles!

If you’re struggling with what style, finish or size of cabinet hardware you need or, you’re unsure whether you should use knobs, handles or both, this post and links are for you! 

Handles provide that last finishing touch to your kitchen. It helps to complete the design feel whether it's contemporary, country or provincial.

What is Kitchen Hardware?


The term Kitchen Hardware is broad and covers, handles, knobs, hinges, slides, drawers etc. etc.

We’re referring to the knobs and handles to your cabinets and drawers.  The primary function of cabinet hardware is to allow you to open and close your cabinet doors and drawers with ease.

Knobs are used on cabinet doors, whereas handles are typically used on drawers. However, you can use knobs on drawers and handles on cabinets … there is no rule against this.

Choosing a style



Both handles and knobs come in just about every style you can imagine (which can make it difficult to narrow down). Firstly, think about your design.

  • If your home is traditional, choose ornate knobs and pulls.
  • If your home is contemporary, choose simple hardware with long simple lines.
  • If your home is provincial, simple and ornate both work.

 As always, the options are endless!

Functionality – The practical side


Choose knobs and handles that are comfortable on your hands because you will use them often. Think about how to use the drawer, access handles and your reach.

Rounded surfaces are much less likely to scratch you than a sharp square edge.

The Finish


This is where you have a large range to consider … but let’s keep it simple!

Use these three key points as a guide.

  • Modern – Black, white or stainless steel
  • Provincial – Black, white, Brass, gold or rose gold.
  • Traditional – Gold, black or Nickel

 Keep in mind that finishes can sometimes vary by batch. If you have a large project you’re working on, then order all your handles at the same time.

Size Matters



Take the advice of your cabinetry team with this one.

Hardware size is more specific to handles.

With handles your length will be defined by the style of your kitchen and widths of your cupboards and drawers.

You can mix up your handle sizes or you can use the same size throughout your kitchen and home.

Your home’s overall design and kitchen style plays a role in the size of the hardware you should choose. A long handle provides a contemporary look, whereas a mid-length handle is more traditional.

Knob size does not really affect the style.

Again, discuss this with your cabinet maker.

Can you mix your handle styles?


It can be done between handles and knobs but seek design advice if you are wanting to do this with just handles or just knobs.

The knobs and handles you choose should complement each other.

View the Range

We have a large collection of different styles, finishes and sizes. Not all are listed on our website. If you are looking for a different style, simply contact us directly on 1300 489 399. We most likely have it in stock.