iSitePower-M Mini Series

Portable Power Station

Power Anywhere, Anytime. Life can be Uninterrupted.  

Power on-the-go with Huawei’s iSitePower-M Mini Series, an innovative range of green portable power stations that provides a steady stream of power without the noise or exhaust of a gas-powered portable generator, versatile for outdoor use, from worksite to weekend road trips. These lithium battery-operated devices are rechargeable and feature a pure sine wave inverter that can power up to eight devices simultaneously. 

Power with Confidence

These exceptional and innovative power stations operate with the safest lithium technology and have gone through strict and rigorous safety tests in its creation by regulated Australian bodies to ensure the safety, quality and compliance of these products to the market. 

Multi-Device Plug-and-Play

What makes the iSitePower-M so outstanding is its fast-charging multi-device plug-and-play interfaces. Equipped with AC outlets, DC Car charger, USB-A & USB-C ports, this small but powerful portable power station can power multiple devices from mobile & laptops to power tools & kitchen appliances.

Explore the Range for You

The iSitePower-M Mini is available in two sizes: 500Wh/300W and 1000Wh/700W, both lightweight and easy to carry. These power stations can be charged by multiple methods simultaneously, reducing charge time including: Wall, Type-C, Vehicle and Solar charging (solar system sold separately), making it a self-sufficient, sustainable energy source.

Easily transported and packed into the car, it is perfect to power up your mainstream electronics and devices from worksite to weekend road trips, or simply used as a backup supply when the main power is unavailable.

iSitePower-M Mini 500 500Wh/300W

The iSitePower-M Mini 500 is a 300-watt output, 500Wh lithium battery. It is the smallest and lightest portable rechargeable lithium battery in the market, only weighing 5.4kg.

 The Mini 500 offers power-to-go in a compact, lightweight design. It is great to bring on remote worksites or road trips as it features multiple ports, perfect to charge your mainstream electronics such as phones, laptops, power tools and household appliances.


iSitePower-M Mini 1000 1000Wh/700W

With its compact and wireless design, iSitePower-M Mini1000 is one of the best investments for your remote outdoor use. It could run most of your outdoor electronics such as drones and projectors to higher-power appliances such as mini fridge and electric grill.

When you need power in special circumstances or off on an outdoor adventure with the family, the iSitePower-M Mini 1000 can be your trusted portable power source.


Recharge 4 Ways

High-Efficiency Charging

Complete Green Energy Solution- Extras

Complete your self-sufficient, portable clean energy source with a compatible solar panel solution. Depending on your preferred application, there are two (2) ways to capture natural energy and store electricity in your iSitePower Mini Stations for later use.

Sunman Portable eArc

The eArc portable charger is an ultralight panel can be plugged into Huawei’s iSitepower battery stations to capture and store energy. It comes in a foldable design with a side bag for easy transportation and use. It is perfect to provide a reliable source of power for personal devices such as phones, cameras and drones when outdoors.


Sunman eArc Solar Panel

The eArc Solar Panel can be easily installed on vehicle surfaces with prefabricated screw holes and adhesives. These installation methods neither damage nor put excessive load on the vehicle, allowing continued safe operation. It is ideal for vehicles such as trucks, RV’s and yachts which require electricity to power equipment.


Multiple Application Scenarios