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FASTCAP SPEEDTAPE 19mm x 15m      

Lek Exci-Punch Machine

Create precise color-matched sticker caps effortlessly with our cutting-edge machine. This equipment skillfully punches 15mm diameter holes, ensuring a swift application of 60 caps per minute to cover screw fixing points. The process involves using matching edging and double-sided tape, accommodating materials with a thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 2mm and a width of 18mm to 24mm. Powered by 220v single-phase electricity and requiring 0.45Mpa of air pressure, this machine delivers efficiency and accuracy in every application.

Punch Spacing Stabiliser

Achieve precision effortlessly with our stabiliser, ensuring consistent hole spacing for a flawless finish in every application.


Our built-in guide system streamlines operation, facilitating accurate material positioning for optimal punch alignment

Directional Sensor

Enhance efficiency with directional sensor technology, ensuring correct machine operation and minimising errors for precise punches.

Anti-Deflection Limiter

Maintain stability during punching with our anti-deflection limiter, preventing deviations that could compromise the end product's quality.

One-Time Molding Without Wasting

Optimise efficiency by molding stickers in a single pass without material wastage, delivering accurate cuts without unnecessary loss.

Counting Pause Function

Take control of production with the counting pause function, allowing temporary halts without sacrificing accuracy for increased flexibility.


12-Month Warranty

Rest assured in your investment with our 12-month warranty, showcasing the machine's dependability and our dedication to ensuring customer contentment.